The offshore supplier support service is an innovative product of the Offshore Global Logistics Group whose main aim is to ensure international suppliers who have businesses within Kenya get the support required to ensure their business interests are safeguarded. This is a cost-effective way of establishing regional dominance with your products. This is the first of a kind product in the Kenyan market.


  • Customer technical support: Depending on the nature of your business, we employ/contract highly qualified individuals to support your products while mainlining the highest level of customer experience.
  • Regional presence: We will represent you in training sessions/supplier engagement sessions called out by your clients and constantly update you on the key areas of discussion through a telecon or/and presentation.
  • Market research:
  • Warehousing/Consignment stocking
  • Invoice processing: All invoices that are channeled through the OSS program undergo a personalized follow up to ensure any queries that may lead to delayed payments are resolved in good time. We at OSS understand the importance of timely invoice payment in maintaining good customer relations. We have a dedicated team whose key responsibility is to follow up on invoice payments.
  • Expatriate support: Whenever there are expatriates from your organization or otherwise, you can rest assured they will get support to ensure efficient operations, shorter project timelines thereby saving on costs. We provide ideal (by location) hotel bookings, conducive office spaces equipped with the required facilities while (if needed) attaching the expatriates to our contracted staff members who has experience in handling the required projects.
  • Issue resolution